"MyBestWebsiteBuilder "é um projeto de execução independente. Todo o conteúdo é aberto e gratuito. Você pode ajudar a manter o site imparcial e grátis com a ajuda de doações. Qualquer apoio é muito apreciado!

Quote contributed by:  Andrew Ruditser: Lead Technology Coordinator at Maxburst

Andrew Ruditser

Lead Technology Coordinator at Maxburst

Andrew is a Founder and Lead Technology Coordinator of a growing New York Web Design Agency, MAXBURST Inc., where making sure they use the best website builders when creating websites for their clients is a huge part of Andrew's. He has been building lucrative internet companies for over 10 years and, in addition to his flagship companies; he also founded MAXPlaces, a B2B Intenet Marketing firm. Andrew combines his love of technology and his talent for sales to create websites that are not only visually stimulating but focus on usability and ROI. Andrew graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering & Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Quote contributed by:  Mike Lingle: CEO at Rocket Pro Forma

Mike Lingle

CEO at Rocket Pro Forma

Mike Lingle is a co-founder and CEO at Rocket Pro Forma, a software as a service platform for sales and marketing presentations, to help founders fund and grow their businesses. Mike is obsessed with helping founders launch and quickly grow successful businesses. He's a serial entrepreneur, former software developer, mentor, and entrepreneur in residence at Babson College.


Quote contributed by:  Alex Birkett: Sr. Growth Marketing Manager at Hubspot

Alex Birkett

Sr. Growth Marketing Manager at Hubspot

Alex Birkett is a Sr. Growth Marketing Manager at Hubspot and co-founder at Omniscient Digital, a premium content marketing agency. He's spent his career obsessing over decision intelligence and data analysis, which he applies to growth and customer acquisition. During his career, Alex has built a ton of sites, custom or using tools ranging from headless CMS, no-code, enterprise, etc. He lives in Austin, Texas, and writes at alexbirkett.com.

Quote contributed by:  G‍ira Wieczorek: Co-Founder of Aleberry

G‍ira Wieczorek

Co-Founder of Aleberry

Gira is a Co-Founder at Aleberry, where she works alongside funds & founders throughout the fundraising process. She helps with investor relations, funding strategy, and design/marketing, as well as helping funds scout & manage portfolio companies. Aleberry has extensive experience with deep tech B2B companies raising a Series A - Exit. Her clients have received over $650MM in funding while gaining significant marketplace traction.

Quote contributed by:  Ilir Salihi: Head of Content at FreedomRep

Ilir Salihi

Head of Content at FreedomRep

Ilir is a blogger, affiliate marketer, and digital marketing consultant. He began his online marketing journey in 2012 and hasn't looked back since. He enjoys sharing what he's learned over the years and helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve success online. When he's not blogging, he's spending time with his family in Washington, DC. You can read more of his articles on his website over at FreedomRep.com

Quote contributed by:  Omari Valentine: Co-Founder, President at Off The Lip

Omari Valentine

Co-Founder, President at Off The Lip

Omari Valentine is a digital marketing executive and a business advisor for the SBA-funded Small Business Development Center in Hawthorne, CA. He is also a web developer with 15 years of management and web experience. Omari has spent the last several years helping small businesses grow their online presence by building and optimizing websites for search performance with Off the Lip, his digital marketing agency.



Quote contributed by:  Nate Nead: CEO at DEV.co

Nate Nead

CEO at DEV.co

As the CEO of DEV.co, Nate brings over a decade of technology consulting & project management experience, leading cross-functional teams in designing and deploying next-generation technology. He provides senior-level leadership to the DEV.co project, design, development and support teams in executing on business-critical projects. He works to provide both high-level and granular workflow advise, clearly articulating and delivering on complex project goals, timelines and budgets. Nate holds an MBA from the University of Washington and a bachelor's degree in business management with minors in chemistry and biology from Brigham Young University.